How to choose the right photo

The photo you choose as a reference for your portrait is really important. A well-lit, sharp photo enables me to do an accurate, beautiful portrait – with all the details that make your pet unique.

The following tips will help you choose the best photo from your collection. If you would like help choosing a photo, or taking a new one, please drop me a line using my enquiry form.

The best photos are…

  • Taken outdoors, in natural light
  • Close up
  • Sharp and detailed, especially the face
  • Taken at the same level as the animal – for a small dog or cat, put the animal on a chair, or kneel down

Try to avoid…

  • Shadows (indoor photos can be very shadowy)
  • Unnatural angles (such as an animal staring up at a camera above their head)
  • Low resolution images – the more detail there is in the photo, the more there will be in the portrait.